Lanauze Designs help Hospitality and Restaurants, get customers and increase sales.

Lanauze Designs was established in early 2012. The founder Chris La Nauze, combines the culmination of over 15 years experience with computers and designs, and his personal experience working throughout Melbourne in the hospitality industry. Chris obtained a Bachelor of Design: Industrial Design Degree from RMIT in 2005 which gave him a solid foundation in computer-aided design (Auto CAD), image manipulation, photography and print media. During his studies, he worked in the hospitality industry, 6 years as a cleaner/kitchen hand, 2 years as a barman/waiter, as well as other roles. to help the kitchen at the time, like assistant preparation chef.

Following his degree, and need for time off from design, he was offered an opportunity from his employment, to work full time over the Christmas break and start training as a Chef. When he completed his certificate 3 in commercial cookery, he worked in a number of kitchen positions, as a chef, and worked in at least three kitchens during this four year period. A year after working full time, qualified, and looking at getting back to design, Chris took on a role, as a draftsman, and specifier, at a business in Dandenong, who specialized in designing and manufacturing Operable walls, and folding door systems.

This was great experience, and has helped focus his core strengths, to design, and knowledge of computers, and online systems. Chris was great at his role, and implemented many time saving computer solutions to the team he was apart of at that time. GFC came along, and Chris was one of the unfortunate, that didn’t hold enough skills for the company to keep him, and moved him on. Luckily for Chris, he had his culinary skills, and a short 14 days without employment, was back working as a chef again.For two more years Chris worked in many positions across 7 different Restaurants, cafes and fine dining establishments.

Before finding that his true passion, which had been underlining all his professional career, was to do with computers, design, and problem solving. He and his wife Micaela, spent a weekend away in the Gold Coast at a business seminar, and it was at this seminar which started the beginning decisions to start Lanauze Designs.

Chris and Micaela have worked really hard to establish a trustworthy and knowledgeable business. Lanauze Designs work hard at understanding the key problems, you have in your business and offer solutions, that will not only help your business increase sales, but help you get more customers.

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