Why Is My Website Running Slow?

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This is the first post in a series on basic SEO that you should understand and implement across your website. Skill’s required: Basic computer knowledge. Some photo editing knowledge. Know how to upload files to your CMS website. A common question my clients ask me is “Why is my website running slow?” and the first Read More

Choosing the Right Domain Name

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Choosing the right name for your business can be tricky, but don’t be disheartened, If your struggling to choose a name, I have written this guide to help you learn more about choosing your domain, and why it is so important.

Welcome to Lanauze Designs

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Welcome! Hello everyone! We are excited to welcome you to our first ever blog! Here we will be posting information about Lanauze Designs, Our recent work, upcoming events, new features and anything that may be of interest to our readers. Lanauze Designs is a start-up company based in the heart of Carlton, Melbourne, Australia. We’re Read More