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Choosing the right name for your business can be tricky, but don’t be disheartened, If your struggling to choose a name, I have written this guide to help you learn more about choosing your domain, and why it is so important.

Your domain is your representation online so we recommend picking a domain name wisely. As a general rule, it should be something simple to remember or should reflect your business so that customers can locate you without much hassle online. With Lanauze Designs – Web Hosting as your domain name registration partner, you can pick from 50+ domain extensions for your domain – from the most popular .COM and .NET to country-specific TLDs, like .COM.AU or .NET.AU

When choosing an .COM.AU or .NET.AU Australian register regulation rules dictate that the registration only be made by an Australian business with an (ABN). AUDA have the power to reject your application even if you are initially approved for the domain name. That’s because the AUDA monitor all registries preventing people maliciously or fraudulently registering another name very similar to a registered company in Australia or the exact trade mark or copyrighted name of a business. If you have found that your name is taken and you or someone in your company has not purchased it on your behalf. Then you can take up a legal dispute of ownership with AUDA. This can be costly and could be easily avoided if you register your name today. AUDA only allow a two year registration period before renewal. This allows a business to get on its feet. Or if the business changes hands it gives the new owner an opportunity to use the url for their business. without fear that it is locked away for up to 10 years with TOP TLD’s like .COM and .NET

When choosing your name consider purchasing variations of the name which might have spelling errors. IE We have both Design and Designs, with the redirecting to the or .COM.AU redirects to .COM

When deciding on your name (if its available), consider the SEO value that can be gained by doing some research into what domain name should best suit your business. SeoMoz is a very popular online resource that writes about best practices for SEO and to explains further about what you should consider in your domain name have a quick read here and then come back to finish this aritcle.

Did you go and read it? If you didn’t… GO.. you will thank me for doing so.

Now to continue:

Our Domain manager makes it easy to hold more that one domain name within the same account. A setting within the manager allows you to redirect or forward the visitors from that name to your other domain name. This can be extremely useful, because you could purchase a .COM and a .COM.AU with your hosting plan. We currently have a special in which you can obtain .COM for free in the first year of hosting. (See website for details.) So a typical setup that I try and promote to my clients is get a .COM for x amount buy it for as long as it allows, say 10 years. .COMs are very cheap compared to other web urls. Pair that with one of our business hosting plans, and you now will have your online presence guaranteed for at least 10 years, and locked in at our low prices. Ensuring you skip any price rises for the length of your hosting term. Just renewing when close to expiry. We have an automated service that will send you out timely reminders, so your account won’t be closed suddenly, however make sure you check and note the Redemption Grace Periods (RGP) because some TLD’s require renewal before they expire and others allow a grace period of thirty to forty-five days, it is a good idea to keep your details up to-date. All that’s then needed is to purchase and renew your every two years. and redirect it to your .com, therefore on local advertising or your business card you can put and it will redirect to your main site, Saving you contacting your web guru to help as often.

When you become a client of our webdesign services we can take you through all of this so you can get the most out of your hosting.

When choosing a plan for your web hosting you have two options that you should consider when wanting to have multiple domain names. You can either have two completely different websites hosted on two accounts or if you choose a plan that allows more than one domain name you can host both or more on the same hosting plan saving you money.

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Some Benefits to choosing our web hosting.

Domain Registration: With Lanauze Designs – Web Hosting

  • Speedy domain name registration. Your site will be up in no more than an hour. And with-in 5 days for
  • Low domain name registration prices. We work very close with some of the top domain registration companies, which enables us to keep our domain registration prices low.
  • Excellent domain name management interface. Our Domain Manager plan is bundled with tons of free, value-added bonuses and it’s really easy to use.
  • Excellent help-desk team. We offer 1 hour support response time guarantee. And we are there for you, 24/7.

Domain Transfer:

Want to move your domain names over to Lanauze Designs – Web Hosting? Experience hassle-free service and affordable domain name transfers.

Reasons for moving your domain name to Lanauze Designs – Web Hosting

  1. No Transfer Fees. We charge nothing for the transfer process.
  2. Risk-Free Transfer. We will return your payment if your transfer fails for any reason.
  3. An extra year will be added to your domain name registration after a successful transfer.
Now with features like these you should consider learning more about our service, head over to our web hosting store for full in-depth articles about domains, hosting and more, we have lots of videos to inform you.

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God Bless,

Chris Lanauze.

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